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Meet our Nurse Kirralee

Kirralee is an experienced cosmetic nurse, trainer and mentor who has been performing cosmetic injections and laser treatments since 2007.  

Kirralee also has an extensive background in dermal therapies, natural therapies and cosmetic tattoo allowing her to provide a wholistic approach to her patient’s needs.

Kirralee was the cosmetic injectable trainer for The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA) and is sought after as a trainer and mentor.  Her role as trainer gives her access to the latest information, training and techniques. 

Kirralee prides herself on honesty, patient education and ensuring the treatment program is tailored appropriately for each patient.

Specialising in the following services:

Cosmetic Injectables:
* Anti-wrinkle injections ~ for frown, forehead, crows feet, masseters, chin, bunnies, brow lift, lip flip & underarm sweating
*  Dermal fillers ~ for lips, cheeks, jaw, chin
*  Under chin fat dissolving

Kirralee works on Fridays at our Springfield Central location.

Call the salon on 07 3470 1387 too book with Kirralee.

Kirralee's Prices

Cosmetic Nurse Services

Kirralee is only available at the following locations:  
Springfield Central

Treatment Price
Consultation Complimentary
Anti-wrinkle Injections ~ per unit from $3.70
Cosmetic Filler from $370
Dermal Filler ~ Lips (including dental blocks) $370
Dermal Filler ~ Cheeks (2 mls) $700
Dermal Filler ~ Chin or Jawline from $470
Under Chin Fat Dissolving ~ 2 vials from $1099
Coming Soon:  Sculptra Butt Lifts

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