O Cosmedics

O Cosmedics is formulated with the highest respect for the skin. Endorsed by thousands of skin experts with a focus on skin health, youth and confidence.


There is nothing ordinary about

The O Cosmedics Edge 

O Cosmedics is an Australian owned and produced brand of cosmetic and skincare products focused on delivering consistent and ongoing skin health results. O Cosmedics offers precision skin care formulated from medical grade ingredients that work to target the five major causes of ageing; Collagen Breakdown, Inflammation, Glycation, Photo Defence and Oxidation.  

Formulated with potent, concentrated active ingredients with no added nasties that may harm the skin or the environment, O Cosmedics products are gluten and cruelty-free as well as vegan friendly.

O Cosmedics promotes skin health and skin confidence which aligns to the values of Complete Skin and Beauty. Due to the potency of the range it is only available through dedicated partner network of trained beauty salons.

Book in for a complimentary skin consult to discover more about how O Cosmedics can support your skin goals.


The Cosmedical Difference

Medical Grade Ingredients

Cosmedics isn’t skincare rather skin medicine. Through medical research scientists have discovered, developed and engineered active ingredients, peptides and antioxidants that have the ability to retain and regain normal skin function and cell optimisation. 

Each formulation is created to ensure the active ingredients are offered in the dosage or percentage scientifically recommended to make a difference to the skin. Due to the potency they require a skin expert to tailor a personal skin health prescription for every skin, to ensure the skin has a chance to acclimatize to the actives and avoid sensitisation.

Home Care

Product Range

Complete Skin and Beauty Salons offer a wide range of O Cosmedics products including;

  • Cleansers and Exfoliants
  • Skin Correctors
  • Targeted eye treatments
  • Treatment Hydrators
  • Calm and protect SPF options
  • Tailored skin health prescription packages

Experience the O Difference

O Cosmedical Facials

Discover more about what O Cosmedics can do for your skin with an O Cosmedical Advanced Facial designed to increase cell optimisation and customised to your skin concern and condition.

Relax while your facialist ritually cleanses your face, neck and décolletage before applying a suitable exfoliation or professional peel to remove redundant skin cells and promote product absorption.  Then discover the healing properties of an Alginate mask to tighten enlarged pores, improve blood circulation, increase oxygen supply, erasing fine lines and leaving your skin supple, radiant and glowing.