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Brow Tattoo or Feather Touch Brow?

What is the difference?

Permanent block eyebrow tattooing that looks like it has been drawn on with a permanent marker is a thing of the past. Feather Touch Brow or Powder Brow are the updated cosmetic brow tattooing techniques we use at Complete Skin & Beauty salons to create your desired semi-permanent eyebrow look with a colour and shape to compliment your own complexion and facial features.

The older style permanent eyebrow tattoos fade into an undesirable and unnatural colour like red or blues and may look too bold or blocky and can leave you feeling less confident. However, the new improved pigments, tools and techniques provide great options for a semi-permanent eyebrow solution that will leave people guessing on what your secret is for perfect looking eyebrows.

Feather Touch Brow is a semi-permanent tattoo that everyone loves. With this technique we are creating individual hair strokes to complete your desired look, whether this be just a few strokes to fill in the brow or create a whole new brow. By creating these individual hair strokes with tattoo, you can achieve the perfect results with it looking a lot more natural and leaving you feeling confident that these brows can always be touched up to suit the evolution of your skin. When your face shape changes so can your brows!

If you still prefer a fuller look, Powder Brow could be the best brow tattoo technique for you. This look again is customised to your appearance making it as dark or fair as you would like it too. With this technique you can also achieve the ombre colour if you wish. This is the effect of fading the tattoo from lighter at the beginning of the brow to darker at the ends. This still creates a more natural look, that is not bulky and can also be touched up to change as you do.

If you are still uncertain or thinking you like the sound of both options above, we also offer a Combination Brow which entails both techniques of Feather Touch and Powder Brow. This might be because you want your eyebrows to appear fuller at the ends but more natural at the start of your brows, or simply because you don’t know what you want and would like to try both styles. Generally, this will be with the powder brow filling in the ends of the brow and the feather touch brow technique at the beginning of the brow. However, if you are still not sure on which option is best suited for you you can book a complimentary consultation with a Brow Specialist at your local Complete Skin & Beauty clinic and that can discuss the options in detail and answer all your questions.

Touch ups

With any eyebrow cosmetic tattoo it’s bound to fade, but when and more importantly why? Well that all depends on the skin. Touch ups for these treatments can be anywhere from 8 months to 2 years depending on the integrity of the skin and if you have any oily or dry skin type and whether the skin is youthful or has loss of elasticity. Even the blocky tattoos of the past will fade, however these often face to an undesirable and unnatural colour. However, using the latest techniques that we offer, your eyebrow pigment will naturally fade and look a lot less noticeable.

If you have had your eyebrows done somewhere else before and are not happy with the work or struggling with an unnatural fade we can also discuss corrective measures such as laser tattoo removal or corrective tattooing techniques. If you would like to find out more about cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and other treatments for your eyebrows, please don't hesitate to contact your local Complete Skin & Beauty salon and book in for a complimentary cosmetic tattoo consulation.

Allyx has been in the industry for over 3 years now and performs all beauty treatments however has just started specialising in Cosmetic Brow tattooing and absolutely loves it. When Allyx isn't in salon, you will find her at the gym, scrolling social media or running around after her 2 beautiful children.

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