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Elle - Albany Creek

Teen Acne

Whether you're a struggling teen or a concerned parent, we are here to support you to discover the possible causes and suggested solutions in this blog about teen acne. 

Tegan - Bendigo

LED Light Explained

Unveil the science behind radiant skin as we delve into the illuminating world of blue, red, and near-infrared light therapy. Learn how these powerful wavelengths work their magic, rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin from within.

Elle - Albany Creek

What is Glycolic Acid

Say goodbye to dull, uneven skin and hello to a radiant, youthful glow with the power of Glycolic Acid!

Elle - Albany Creek

Skin Guide For Teens

A teenager's guide to their first beauty and skin treatments.

Tegan - Bendigo

What is Acne?

This blog delves into the world of acne, providing an education on the different types, their causes and available treatment options. Empower yourself with this insightful read and gain the necessary knowledge to achieve clear, glowing skin.

Kiara - Mango Hill

How to Care for Your Skin

Caring for your skin doesn't stop at Professional Skincare and In-Salon Treatments. Here's 9 other ways to care for your skin. 

Elle - Albany Creek

O-Biome Oxygen Therapy

Learn about our new treatment and discover the many benefits it can have on your skin.

Jaydeyn R - Albany Creek

Teenage Acne

Suffering from teenage acne is a common concern and the skilled skin therapists at Complete Skin & Beauty are passionate about supporting their clients through these challenges.  

Elise M - Albany Creek

Acne! Advice from the professionals

Let’s face it we have all suffered with one form of acne at some stage in our lives. There are so many different avenues to pursue when it comes to ‘acne’ treatment and so many different ‘fads’ that seem to work on social media, but what actually works to get rid of our worst enemy?

Jaydeyn R - Ashgrove

Is Maskne the new Acne?

With the new norm of wearing a mask we have seen and experienced some of the downsides such as the dreaded Maskne. Learn how to manage your skin while you help stop the spread.