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Let's Talk About Acne

Let’s face it we have all suffered with one form of acne at some stage in our lives. There are so many different avenues to pursue when it comes to ‘acne’ treatment and so many different ‘fads’ that seem to work on social media, but what actually works to get rid of our worst enemy? The most important thing when it comes to treating acne is knowing its cause.  

Common influencers/causes of acne:

  • Hormones
  • Skin contact with oily/greasy substances
  • Excess sebum or oil production
  • Accumulation of dead skin cells
  • Bacterial infection of the follicle
  • Changes in hormonal levels as noted during puberty or pregnancy
  • Certain medications such as corticosteroids and lithium
  • Family history
  • Skin contact with greasy or oily substances
  • Friction or pressure on the skin
  • Diet: Foods including chocolates, chips, dairy etc. are known to trigger/worsen acne
  • Stress

Please cleanse your skin

As we all know cleansing is an essential part of any routine when it comes to our face. Removing makeup, excess oil and general free radicals is a vital part in allowing our skin to breathe and allow our products to actually penetrate to where they need to go. ALWAYS DOUBLE CLEANSE, even if you aren’t a makeup wearer, double cleansing ensures all the excess oil is removed from our skin. This also allows our following products to reach where they need to, to target our concern.

Common myths

Myth 1:  "Scrubs clean your pores"

We have all used the good old Apricot scrub in our day, but reality is that using a scrub with breakout/acne will spread the bacteria from one pore to another meaning more breakout. Exfoliating is a healthy and vital part in treating acne regardless of its cause, this should be done with a chemical based exfoliant that works on an intercellular level (travels to where it actually needs to, making a difference in your skin). Products we would recommend:

ASI AHA Exfoliant

This exfoliant contains Glycolic and Lactic Acid with calming Chamomile. These ingredients combined remove dead skin cells, encourage healthy skin cell formation, and stimulate collagen and elastin.

O Cosmetics Multi-functional Peel

Peel to reveal! Multi-Functional Peel is a professional grade at-home peel containing 14% biomimetic Lactic Acid Complex with a time-release mechanism to gently exfoliate the skin. 

O’Cosmetics Corrective Cleanser and Peel

 This is a cleanser with attitude! Corrective Cleanser & Peel is powered by V8 Peptide Complex®, award-winning actives, L-Lactic and encapsulated Salicylic Acids (BHA) to purify and gently exfoliate the skin keeping clogged pores at bay. Frees skin of imbedded dirt, makeup, excess sebum, and damaging pollutants leaving it super hydrated and renewed.

O’Cosmetics 3-in-1 Enzyme Fruit Peel/Mask

 This all-rounder product is powered by V8 Peptide Complex®, Papaya, Pomegranate and Mango Enzymes and a natural AHA complex to release redundant cells and reveal a healthy, radiant, and smooth complexion.

Myth 2: ‘My skin is oily if I moisture it will make me break out’

The fact is if you have oily skin it means your skins sebum production is working a million miles an hour. Your skin can be a typical ‘oily’ skin type and still be dehydrated. When the skin is dehydrated and not moisturised, our skins natural defense mechanism is to ‘rehydrate itself’ and it does this by over producing oil.

When it comes to moisturising acne there are a few active ingredients you must include into your routine to see any cellular changes within your skin. These include Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A (night time only) and Sodium Hyaluronate.

O’Cosmetics Rebalancing Cream

Light and active. Rebalancing Cream’s lightweight, oil-free lotion offers a unique blend of ingredients designed specifically for problematic skin. Targeting bacteria and excessive sebum production on the skin’s surface, daily application will aid in improving the skin’s condition. V8 Peptide Complex® (topical muscle relaxant) ensures skin is left rebalanced and refreshed.

ASI Vitamin B3

 A potent cosmeceutical serum formulated with highly active Vitamin B3 7.5% to deliver a targeted treatment for all skin types. Enhance skin clarity, hydration and illumination, while boosting collagen and elastin.

O’Cosmetics B3 Plus

 Niacinamide hero product! B3 Plus is powered by award-winning actives and 12% Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) to support the skin’s immunity and lipid barrier, minimise redness and pore appearance, regulate oil, protect against sun damage, even out skin tone, minimise fine lines, wrinkles and breakouts. A multi-functional skin saviour.

O’Cosmetics Potent Retinol Serum

Potent Retinol Serum (0.5%) is the perfect entry level Vitamin A. Powered by V8 Peptide Complex® and 100% pure, bioactive Retinol in micro-encapsulation technology for superior stability and potency. This extraordinary Vitamin A complex promotes a firmer more elastic skin texture, evens out skin tone and rebalance cells.

Treating the cause

DO NOT SQUEEZE - As tempting as it is to release the pressure of a breakout, it is so important to leave your breakout alone and let it heal in its own time. Squeezing and picking will only lead us down another road of concerns being acne scarring, instead lets treat the cause.

ASI Clearing Renewal Complex

A potent cosmeceutical complex, using clarifying Magnesium Sulfate, detoxifying Chlorhexidine and calming Vitamin B3.  Heal and rejuvenate skin while fighting and preventing bacteria causing breakouts.

O Cosmetics Potent Clearing Serum

Zit zapper! Potent Clearing Serum is powered by V8 Peptide Complex® and four potent actives to control breakouts and diminish the appearance of scarring. Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and L-Lactic Acid exfoliate the skin (inside and out) and encourage cell turnover leaving the skin super hydrated and rebalanced.

OUR GO TO In Salon treatments

LED Light Therapy- LED is an advanced skin treatment ideal for targeting and killing the acne bacteria that forms our breakouts. LED light therapy involves skin being bathed in varying wavelengths of light and colour to promote natural collagen production rejuvenating and stimulating the skin's healing process. Blue LED light therapy provides antibacterial benefits effective for the treatment of acne by targeting the sebaceous glands to reduce oil production and providing powerful antibacterial properties to help rid the skin of acne-causing bacteria. LED CAN BE PERFORMED AS OFTEN AS WEEKLY FOR ACCELARTATED RESULTS

Professional Peels- Chemical facial peels utilise a professional strength solution to deeply exfoliate and clear away old skin to stimulate the regeneration of new cells to achieve a smoother, brighter and clearer complexion. By using targeted ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid paired with other enzymes we are able to give the skin a good, needed exfoliation without causing sensitivity and removing our unnecessary dead skin cells clogging up our skin. For accelerated results we recommend fortnightly peels. 

Other helpful tips

  • Let your skin breathe with Use mineral-based, preservative-free makeup that gives you the coverage without clogging your pores.
  • Get plenty of EFA's in your diet.  Essential Fatty Acids will make your skin produce a smoother, healthy oil flow that won’t clog your pores.

Unsure on what’s best for you?  Book a free skin consultation with one of our professional skin therapists. 

Elise has been in the beauty industry for 10yrs.  She is a passionate brow tattoo artist and loves educating clients on their skin.The best part about her job is she loves seeing clients confidence grow after visiting the salon. In her free time she teaches karate and loves to spend time with her family.  

Elise M
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