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Hair Removal

Jacqui - Bendigo

Hair Removal for Light Hair

The secrets to smooth, hair-free skin can be a unique journey for those with blonde locks, where the nuances of hair removal demand special attention. In this blog, we discuss the tailored techniques and considerations essential for effective hair removal for those with less-pigmented body hair.

Elle - Albany Creek

Skin Guide For Teens

A teenager's guide to their first beauty and skin treatments.

Maree - Keperra

IPL Hair Reduction

A guide to IPL Hair Reduction; a hair-removal treatment for long-term reduction of unwanted hair.

Katie - Bendigo

Hair removal options

What are the different types of hair removal treatments offered at Complete Skin & Beauty salons?

Elise M - Albany Creek

Tired of Waxing?

Discover more about the alternatives to waxing to achieve hair free skin.

Elise M - Albany Creek

Ingrown hairs

Why do they happen and what can we do to prevent them?

Shannen - Woden

Waxing Aftercare - Is it really important?

Do we really need waxing aftercare? The answer is 'Yes' so find out why in the following blog.

Sandra C - Woden

Brazilian Waxing

Summer bodies are made in winter. Why now is not the time to go au naturale with your hair removal routine.

Tara Murphy - Mango Hill

First Wax? What you MUST know

Everything you need to know about your first waxing appointment, its not as scary as you think.  We promise.