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Tired of Waxing?

We all get to the point where we get sick of our hair maintenance, between the shaving rash and letting our hair grow to be long enough to wax. Between organising our waxing appointments around beach trips or a date it can all be a bit too much to handle at times. Good news is, we have a solution for you. Permanent Hair Reduction is the answer!

What is permanent Hair Reduction treatment?
Commonly known as IPL, or  Intense Pulse Light, IPL is the latest technology when it comes to hair reduction. IPL is a safe and effective way to permanently reduce your hair growth while having the convenience of being able to shave in between your treatments.

How does it work?
The machine is attracted to pigment in hair meaning dark hair and light skin see maximum results. IPL heats the base of the hair follicle to approximately 70 degrees Celsius cutting off its blood supply to the hair. This means as the hair ‘grows out’ it has no source of nutrients and will fall out. 2-3 weeks after your initial treatment you can expect 20-30% hair reduction.

What do I need to know?
You must have pigment in your hair for the treatment to work so unfortunately blonde, grey or red hair isn’t suitable. We suggest you shave prior to your first appointment (a shave fee will apply otherwise) and your initial treatment including consultation will range from 30-60minutes depending on the treatment area. Depending on your skin and hair type you will need anywhere between 12-14 treatments. These treatments need to be performed 2-6 weeks apart based on the area being targeted. Even though it is a big commitment rebooking your appointments for IPL it is crucial in seeing maximum results and being regular with your appointments is the only way to achieve this. 

Am I suitable for IPL?
Although there are some contraindications to IPL if you have dark hair and light skin you should talk to your therapist about booking a consultation and free test patch to see if you are eligible for the treatment.

Do’s and Don’ts after the treatment

  • You can shave daily if you want/need to- so no more planning everything around your wax appointment.
  • No Tweezing, using depilatory creams, bleaching or waxing for the duration of your treatments.
  • NO SUN- you are extremely sensitised to pigment during the treatments as your hair follicle is heated to 70 degrees. We suggest avoiding sun on the area while receiving treatments as well as wearing a physical SPF to avoid any pigment changes in the skin.
  • DO use our Medi-soothe after your treatment as it helps to rehydrate, remove heat and repair your barrier function.

Our aftercare recommendations

O Cosmedics Medi-Soothe- Medi-Soothe is formulated to assist the skin by; calming and soothing, reducing skin redness and increasing barrier repair associated with skin irritation. A skin saviour post IPL, laser, aggressive skin treatments, after waxing and shaving, it is also a saviour to skin suffering overexposure to the sun. This versatile soothing lotion now available in a spray formulation.

O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF- Sheer lightweight lotion containing natural mineral Zinc Oxide to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Suitable for daily use on all skin types. 

The Ultimate Antibac Gel is a perfect body cleanser to target infection and odour causing bacteria. Lemongrass oil adds a stimulating, fresh aroma while Tea Tree has antibacterial properties perfect for ingrown hairs or breakouts on the body. Chamomile helps to combat irritation whilst calming and soothing all skin concerns.

Unsure if it is for you? Why not book in for a FREE consultation with one of our professional therapists to find out if IPL is right for you. 

Elise has been in the beauty industry for 10yrs.  She is a passionate brow tattoo artist and loves educating clients on their skin.The best part about her job is she loves seeing clients confidence grow after visiting the salon. In her free time she teaches karate and loves to spend time with her family.  

Elise M
Senior Beauty Therapist
Complete Skin & Beauty Albany Creek

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