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What is a Derma Roller?

How often should I use a dermal roller at home... more is not always better?

Derma rollers can help smooth out skin texture and help reduce the signs of aging. To get the most out of any derma roller, you need to know how to use it in a way that helps your skin, rather than damaging it.

Derma rollers have a few benefits such as improving pigmentation, improving the surface of the skin, reducing Fine lines and stretch marks. Another benefit that derma rollers provide is that they allow skin care products to penetrate deeper, producing more powerful effects of the skin care products that you use. 

How do they work?

Derma rolling causes a low level of trauma to the outer layer of the skin. This prompts the skin’s healing process, leading to skin regeneration and to the production of collagen and elastin. Derma rollers, create tiny pathways in the skin with shorter needles. Allowing serums to travel deeper and absorbing products more efficiently which essentially produces more visible effects.

Does it hurt?

Of course, the level of discomfort depends on your pain tolerance. The beauty of derma rolling is that you can customise the pressure to what works best for you. We recommend not rolling more then twice a week as It can cause the

Are there any side effects or risks to consider?

Derma rolling is a minimally invasive procedure so as long as you use the right technique in conjunction with the right serum, you’re unlikely to experience side effects.

However people with eczemapsoriasis and active acne. should avoid this treatment. 

How often do you do it and how?

For best results, start by using a derma roller once a week and then slowly increase as recommended by your beauty therapist. Roll for no longer than 2 minutes in total. After rolling, follow with a serum to suit your skin concerns, then moisturiser.

How do I roll?

The rolling method involves three parts: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movements.

Start by rolling the derma roller up and down your forehead, cheeks, and chin, making sure not to apply too much pressure.

Then, switch to horizontal movements followed by diagonal ones. Spend no more than 2 minutes doing this.

Stay away from the eye area and be extra careful on sensitive places such as the nose and upper lip.

Derma rolling is a great way to improve your overall skin health. When done correctly derma rolling can improve a wide range of concerns. Keep in mind that when derma rolling you are not going to get the same result as a needling treatment in clinic with your skin therapist however doing both treatments at home and in clinic can lead to exceptional results! 

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