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Skin Needling: What to expect

Skin needling is a popular advanced skin rejuvenation treatment performed at Complete Skin & Beauty clinics. It has a wide range of benefits to the skin, such as; reduction of fine lines, minimising pores, improvement of scarring including acne scarring, increase in skin elasticity, improvement in skin complexion and can help reduce the signs of pre-mature aging.

The minimally invasive treatment will penetrate to the deep dermis layer of the skin, initiating a vital wound healing response and releasing important growth factors that ultimately leads to the production of new collagen formation. The skin then goes through a remodelling phase that results in a long-lasting tightening effect. This is caused by the fine single-use needles located at the tip of needling the device. These sterile fine needles are repeatedly placed over the skin creating small puncture wounds and micro-channels that allow for product penetration.

What you will experience throughout the treatment:

To begin the treatment your therapist will thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply a peptide serum. This serum will act as slip for the device and has the added benefit of penetrating into the micro-channels of the skin to further enhance the treatment.

Although the treatment does include a needle component, many clients tend to find the experience quite tolerable and don’t require any numbing or topical anesthetic creams. This is likely due to the needles being very fine, rapidly moving and short treatment duration. After skin needling, your therapist will apply a Dermal Face Lift Mask to both soothe and hydrate the area. You can also purchase this product to take home and use post procedure in the weeks following.

Mesotherapy Add on:

Mesotherapy is an incredible, results-driven procedure that can be added on to your existing skin needling treatment. It utilises the power of electroporation that when used in conjunction with skin needling, has the ability to apply an electrical field around the skin cells. This then creates small gaps in the cellular membrane leading to the increase delivery and enhanced penetration of topical skin products. A cocktail of powerful skincare ingredients, targeted towards your specific concern will be chosen and infused into the skin during the treatment for better and longer lasting results.

Post care instructions:

As skin needling does not include any heat or light energy, the downtime can be quite minimal, however expect your skin to be red immediately after and up to 48 hours post treatment. It’s important to listen to your therapist’s post-care instructions, like avoiding excessive sun exposure, avoiding exercise, swimming and saunas in the days following skin needling. Also following specific skincare instructions such as not using retinol’s and exfoliating agents up to a week following the treatment. Adding in additional products such as the Dermal Facelift mask and some serums, like a Hyaluronic acid or Vitamin B, can help keep the skin hydrated and speed up healing. This is crucial in the 4-5 days after skin needling as it is normal to experience some skin dryness. For optimal results, 3-6 treatments are needed in monthly intervals or as recommended by your therapist.

Rhylee has been in the beauty industry and advanced skin industry for the past 3 years now. After completing her Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) she has gone onto studying her Bachelor Degree of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics).  She joins the Bendigo clinic with a wealth of knowledge, specifically in skin conditions, cosmeceutical skincare and advanced skin treatments. When she’s not in the clinic, Rhylee enjoys baking, Pilates and spending time with friends and family. 


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