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Nakita F - MacArthur Central

Micro vs Peels

Reveal smoother, clearer skin with professional exfoliation and discover the difference between these popular facial treatments.

Casey - Mango Hill

Forget lash extensions, get a lift!

Discover how lash lifts and lash growth serums can transform your look.

Tegan - Bendigo

Best ways to treat pigmentation

Concerned about pigmentation? There are numerous treatments and products that can help.

Maryke P - MacArthur Central

O Cosmedics Sustainable Packaging

Discover more about the packaging changes set to hit the shelves in the O Cosmedics range.

Naomi B - MacArthur Central

Getting your skin winter ready

Cooler weather can necessitate a change to our skin care routine to keep the skin hydrated. Discover what to use to protect and nourish.

Elise M - Albany Creek

Vitamin C, is it right for me?

Understand what makes Vitamin C a key ingredient in skin health.

Grace - Ashgrove

The Art of Lash Extending

The desire for long, gorgeous lashes is not new, but the options for how to get them have improved drastically.

Monica D - MacArthur Central

Enjoy perfect brows 24/7

Tired of waking up early and spending extra time to fill in your brows every day? Permanent makeup (PMU) will help solve your daily troubles.

Emily - Bendigo

Milia - Causes and Treatment

Stubborn and challenging to remove, milia is commonly found on the skin of people of all ages. Learn about the what causes these harmless spots and how to treat in the following blog.

Nakita F - MacArthur Central

All about Dermaplaning

Leave this treatment to the experts and discover the benefits and bright luminous skin that dermaplaning provides.

Elise M - Albany Creek

Tired of Waxing?

Discover more about the alternatives to waxing to achieve hair free skin.

Lana - Mt Gravatt

Why I chose a career in the beauty industry.

Discover what makes a role in the beauty industry so rewarding with a personal share from top Senior Therapist Lana.

Jaydeyn R - Albany Creek

Teenage Acne

Suffering from teenage acne is a common concern and the skilled skin therapists at Complete Skin & Beauty are passionate about supporting their clients through these challenges.  

Elise M - Albany Creek

Why the hype around Vitamin B3?

Find out why Vitamin B should be part of your skin care routine.

Elise M - Albany Creek

Ingrown hairs

Why do they happen and what can we do to prevent them?

Sophie - Woden

Lash Designs....What's best for my eyes?

Understanding the type of eyelash extensions to book to suit your eyes can be challenging. Find out more about the options and what the best to way enhance your eye shape in the following blog or ask one of the experienced lash technicians next time you are in salon.

Elise M - Albany Creek

Hyaluronic Acid- Your skin's new BFF

You heard it right, Hyaluronic Acid is your skin's new bestie.

Jaydeyn R - Albany Creek

The Power of LED Light Therapy

Discover more about LED Light Therapy, the totally pain-free and non-invasive skincare treatment that stimulates your skin's natural healing process.

Rhylee K - Bendigo

Skin Needling

What to expect in the treatment room and after with skin needling.

Hollie - Woden

What Vitamin C can do for your skin

Vitamin C is not just for the common cold, find out the wonders it can do for your skin.