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We are sure at some point in your ‘beauty experience’ you have felt PRESSURED into buying a product you didn’t feel you needed? Or perhaps felt ‘pushed’ or ‘sold to’? There is nothing worse than feeling like you have been backed into a corner, left with a sour taste in your mouth and a hole in your wallet.

Rest assured, at Complete Skin & Beauty your therapist will only recommend aftercare if they truly believe it will assist you in achieving your skin/ waxing or hair removal concerns.

What if I am using good products at home?
If you are already using good products at home, your therapist will likely congratulate you on your regime and suggest an active ingredient you can use with your current products to achieve your results. All our therapists are highly trained in skin and really do know about ingredients and their importance in achieving the perfect skin. We stock what we believe is the best cosmeceutical skin care range out there so when we recommend a product, we 100 % know it is going to achieve what we say it is going to achieve. 

Cosmeceutical vs cosmetic?
Did you know that there is a reason we recommend a cosmeceutical? Think of your skin cells like bricks, a cosmetic only sits of the surface of the bricks unable to penetrate your skins surface and only maintaining your skin health. Whereas a cosmeceutical works through the mortar of bricks penetrating the dermal layer of your skin, enabling skin cell structure change. This means as the skin cells turnover, the fresh healthy cells move to the surface, leaving you with a changed cell structure and changes in your skin concerns.

Do I really need aftercare after a treatment?
The importance of following aftercare advice after a treatment is essential in taking care of your skin. Especially after a more invasive skin treatment such as skin needling, not following aftercare advice will cause damage to your skin. Similar things can happen if not following aftercare advice after eyelash extensions or eyebrow tattooing, the lashes or pigment may fall out faster than normal meaning more treatments required to ensure the desired results. Our aftercare advice also means product recommendations, following our product recommendations will certainly have you achieved your desired results in minimal time.

Working with a budget?
If you need to work within a budget, we are fully understanding and will offer multiple options such as minimum maintenance or maximum results. What does this mean? Our initial recommendation will help you achieve your results as soon as possible if your budget allows, versus minimum maintenance slowly changing the cell structure over time and incorporating maybe 1 or 2 actives per month or per treatment.

So short answer is, aftercare is essential in achieving your desired beauty results.

More questions?
Why not book in for a FREE consultation with one of our therapists to answer any questions you might have.

Elise has been in the beauty industry for 10yrs.  She is a passionate brow tattoo artist and loves educating clients on their skin.The best part about her job is she loves seeing clients confidence grow after visiting the salon. In her free time she teaches karate and loves to spend time with her family.  

Elise M
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