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Mesoéclat - A client experience

Info about treatment

* crazy burning sensation, must fan skin, over fairly quickly.

First treatment, Day 1:
Skin feeling very tight, like it needs moisture.  I applied the Post-procedure fast skin repair a couple of times during the day.  My skin doesn't feel sore or inflamed at all, just a little dry.  I find myself unconsciously scratching my skin, I have to keep telling myself to stop.  Its really important to let the skin peel in its own time, and not force the peeling process or it could result in scarring.

In the photo you can see my skin is starting to peel on my chin.... by the end of the day it had increased.  I am expecting to see quite a bit of dryness and peeling tomorrow.

The mesoeclat cream contains Kojic Acid which is fantastic for brightening and evening skin tone, so over the next few weeks I am hoping to see more uniform colour in my skin.

Although my main concern is definitely the frown lines between my eyes.  I was surprised after the treatment how much they had reduced, so that will be my main focus for photos to show their reduction.  I have also seen quite an improvement in the fine wrinkles across my forehead.  Surprisingly I can't really see them in this photo... thrilled about that! 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 2:
Skin still feeling tight and dry.  Experiencing some flaking around my chin, and peeling started between by eyebrows by the end of the night.

Definitely no pain or swelling happening which was great.  I was told there would be some down time for this treatment, and really even with the flaking I am experiencing, I wouldn't be worried about being seen in public.  

When my skin felt a little too tight through the day, I just applied a little more post-procedure fast skin repair cream and it softened my skin right up, took away the tightness immediately.

I have been suffering from a few breakouts, normally my skin is really clear, this was definitely not from the treatment or the products.  I have been under a little stress, the breakouts started about a week before this treatment.  I have been using the imperfection control product for any spots and they are drying up and clearing pretty quickly.

Day 3:
Most of the dry skin that was peeling on chin and between my eyebrows has settled down, now just feeling a tight and dry across my top lip.   I am expecting that to peel like the other areas.

Day 4:
My skin has pretty much returned to normal now, in terms of peeling and dryness.   I can definitely notice an improvement in the lines between my eyebrows.  They are not as deep, so I am excited to see the end result after the course of 5 treatments.  I have also noticed a reduction in the pore size on my nose.  Due to having very oily skin I know that those pores are pretty much just a given, so it is nice to see them start to reduce and be less noticeable.

End of first week:
My skin feels very hydrated, and in really good condition.  I have started using my ultimate micropeel, just once, although that was not in the "recommended" skin care for the program, i just wanted a light exfoliation to see how it felt.  I used half a proteoglycan ampoule after with the rest of my routine and my skin feels great.

I will be aiming for a course of 5 treatments, so I will take a photo before and after each treatment, and we can see what difference my skin will show after the course of 5.

Treatment 2:  
Unfortunately, due to the 3 day lock down imposed by QLD government, I was a week late in having my second treatment done.  This treatment I also added on a 10 min Infrared session at the end, and I have noticed that my skin did not start peeling until day 2 this time.  There has been some tightness and peeling, but not as dramatic as after my first treatment. 

Directly after this treatment I noticed the pores on my nose where every small, as I have quite oily skin, they are always very noticeable, so seeing a reduction was brilliant.  This only lasted a few hours, but they have stayed smaller than normal since the treatment, just not as dramatic as directly after the treatment.  

During this treatment I had a desk fan going on my face the entire time, so I found the treatment vastly more comfortable, a little tingling and heat, but not a crazy burning sensation like the first time.

After 2nd Treatment

Column Two

Column Three

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