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How to Dry Body Brush

There are so many benefits of Dry Skin Brushing, which is why we chose Bodecare brushes to stock and use in our salons.  At Springfield Central salon, we include dry skin brushing as part of your massage treatment, and our Body Sculpting treatments.  It is also something that you can do at home yourself to maintain results and improve your overall health.

Most people are a little intimated when first thinking of dry skin brushing at home.... especially because they think it will take a long time, they will forget what directions they should be brushing in, and where to start.

When we are talking to our clients about dry skin brushing, if they haven't done it before the first thing they say is "I'm too busy to do that" or "do I have to do it every day?"...  well, I'm here to tell you (in a nice way) ... no, you're not too busy!  It's really easy, it can be as quick (or long.... sometimes you will want to take your time and be extra thorough) as you like. It can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 7 minutes.  And you'll LOVE it!  

But... there are a couple of rules and precautions that you'll want to follow.

General Rules of Dry Skin Brushing:

* Always use a plant bristle skin brush.
* Choose a bristle strength to suit your skin concern and/or condition.  Bodecare brushes come in soft, medium and firm.
* Perform on dry skin only.
* Generally stroke upward in one motion.
* Brush strokes repeated 7 times per area of the body.
* Adjust pressure to your comfort levels.
* Best to follow brushing with some form of hydrotherapy ie shower or bath.
* Work from left to right side of the body.
* Always nourish your skin after your shower with Jojoba oil to keep skin hydrated and in its best condition.

Before Dry Body Brushing Please Take Note of The Following Precautions:

Never skin brush over-active inflammation e.g. open wounds, inflamed sores, varicose veins, sunburnt skin.
* Never skin brush during an active cancer state or over enlarged lymph nodes.
* If pregnant seek doctors advice first before skin brushing.
* If an allergic reaction appears, stop brushing.

Now that we have gone through the do's and don't's .... you can either read on for the Bodecare step by step instructions or watch the Bodecare dry brushing video.

About Dry Skin Brushing

Dry body brushing is a natural health practice, which involves brushing over the skin dry and followed by a shower or bath.  Dry body brushing has been used for years because the health benefits are so extensive.  It can improve venous blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, release toxins, exfoliate dead skin, reduce ingrown hairs and many other health benefits.  Brushing may also assist in reducing the effects of dry skin conditions like Psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris, and Eczema.

The energising benefits of skin brushing can be felt days after starting the process and could also tighten the skin and reduce cellulite in many cases, particularly if complemented by exercise and a healthy diet.

Bodecare Dry Body Brushing system has been developed to aid the body’s lymphatic drainage and for that reason, all brush strokes are toward the major lymph nodes in the body.

Steps of Dry Body Brushing At Home

When brushing feet it is recommended to use a firmer bristle brush.  Start on the left side.
*  Start at soles of feet, stroking brush from toes to heel, follow each brush stroke with a soothing sweep of the other hand.
*  Continue on top of the foot from toes to ankles and ending at Achilles tendon behind ankle. Cover both sides of the foot.

When brushing legs, buttock, back, abdomen, hand and arm use a body brush that meets your comfort levels, in either soft, medium or firm.
*  Continue upward brushing strokes up the leg, moving from ankle to calf and shin, up to hamstrings and quadriceps, ensuring to cover the entire leg, up toward the lymph node in the groin area.

Buttock and Back:
*  Move to buttocks, starting at top of buttock, brush down to the gluteal fold (where buttock joins the leg) and sweep back again to top.
*  Then from the base of buttock sweep upward to the outside of the hip.
*  Once reaching the lower back, start your brush stroke from the spine and sweep brush stroke up and out to the side of the torso, all the way up to the shoulder blades and finishing from spine to over the shoulder.  
*  Repeat on right side.

*  Lower abdominal:  Starting on left side, hold the brush at navel and brush stroke downward toward the lymph nodes in the groin area, and then from navel outward to hip joint and side of the torso.  Repeat on right side
*  Upper abdominal:  Starting on left side, hold the brush at navel and brush stroke upward and outward from mid to outer torso.  Stay under the breast line and ending in the armpit.  Repeat on right side.
*  Complete the abdominal area with a concentric circular brush stroke.  Starting at navel move in small circular clockwise strokes, not leaving the skin, gradually increase the circular strokes until reaching the outer abdomen.  Then work in anti-clockwise brush strokes from large to small until back at the navel.

Hand and Arm:
*  Brush from wrists to fingertips.  Turn hand over and brush from fingertips (and in-between fingers) to the wrist and continue up the arm to the shoulder, working from inner to mid and to outer arm.  Finish brush strokes over the armpit, with light strokes in a small circular, clockwise direction.

So, that's it!  Dry Body Brushing is super easy, feels amazing and is great for your skin.  You can check out our range of Dry Body Brushes in our online shop, or ask your beauty therapist when next in salon.

Rebecca has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years.  She started as a qualified beauty therapist, worked for many years on board cruise ships as a therapist, salon manager and eventually spa operations trainer.  She has owned the salon in Orion Springfield Central since 2010.  While Rebecca hasn't performed treatments on clients in over 10 years, she is constantly researching new treatments and technologies to bring into the salon for clients.

Rebecca G
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