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Microblading vs Microshading

What is the difference between these two permanent brow techniques?


Microblading is an advanced brow tattoo technique where we use a hand tool with a superfine row of needles to create thin hair like strokes on the skin. It is not the same as using a tattoo machine as the strokes are finer and are only sitting in the epidermis, therefore it is considered semi-permanent.

Microblading is perfect for the clients that are fair-skinned, fair haired but also clients that are wanting to fill in gaps on the brow line or to fill in spots of where hairs have been lost, hoping to achieve a light natural look.

For clients that are on the oilier side of things, microshading is usually the best as the microblading strokes will fade faster or expand under the skin.


Microshading can be done with a hand tool or a machine to create a powder look on the brows, this is recommended for clients with mature skin, oily skin or those wanting more of a makeup look. The tattoo starts off solid on the tails of the brows and softens up towards the beginning of the brow, creating an Ombre effect.

We still do the microblading within this treatment as it creates realistic hair strokes in the brow line and then with the shading added through the rest of the brow gives it an amazing result. 

After your cosmetic brow appointment your brows can go a couple of shades dark while they heal. Some can experience peeling of the brows, that generally happens with the microshading more than microblading.

Its extremely important not to pick or itch them while they are in the healing process as the pigment is only sitting in the epidermis you do not want to do anything that can disturb the healing. 

We offer complementary cosmetic brow consultations to go through the treatment in more depth and to work out what tattoo would be best suited to you, I hope to see you in salon soon.

Nicola has been a beauty therapist for over 5 years and performed the transformations you see here on the page. Her favourite treatments to perform are; skin needling, eyelash extensions and feather touch brow tattooing. When she is not in the salon looking after clients, she is likely to be entertaining friends down by the pool or watching movies.

Nicola S
Assistant Manager & Feather Touch Brow Artist
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