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Lash Extension Retention

Are you tired of losing your lash extensions faster than your socks disappear in the laundry? Well, fret not, because I'm about to dive into the intriguing world of lash extensions and the seemingly magical vanishing act they sometimes perform. Picture this: you wake up, ready to flaunt those long, luscious lashes, only to find a few stragglers desperately clinging on for dear life. It's a lash predicament, my friend, and we're here to solve it together.

In this blog, we'll unravel the mystery behind the premature fallout of lash extensions and uncover the secrets to retaining those glamorous fluttery lashes. But first, let's address the elephant in the room – why are those delicate extensions bidding you adieu faster than you can say "bat those lashes"?

1. You’re using oils.

If you’re using oils on your face and lashes and then touching your eyes this is a big killer for extensions. Extensions are bonded onto your natural lash with a specifically designed lash adhesive, however this glue will break down when exposed to any kind of oils, for example face creams, sunscreens, etc. It is important to give your lashes a good clean after wearing sunscreens and/or skincare to ensure their lash life. It's also important to note that a lot of makeup and cleansers will have various amounts of oil somewhere within so always check the ingredients list or ask your therapist for more advice. 

2. Picking or excessive rubbing.

It can be tempting to pick or rub at your lash extensions especially when coming up to a new refill when the older lashes have grown out. This is a big no-no for your natural lashes and can lead to breakage and tearing. Even if you are not picking them off or touching them with unwashed hands, you’re risking your lash life due to oils from your skin and dirt from the environment coming in to contact with the extension risking infection or lash loss. 

3. You’re getting them wet, damp, or moist within the 12 hours after getting them done.

Lash glue takes 12 hours roughly to properly curate, meaning exposure to moisture during that time can cause weakening of the glue which will significantly decrease the life of your lashes. It is very safe to get them wet after this period and essential to clean them whilst you have them, but, we suggest waiting up to 24 hours just to be safe!

4. You’re not cleaning your lashes prior to appointment. 

It is important for you to give your lashes a thorough clean prior to a full set or refill appointment, this reduces natural oils on the lash, sleep crusts, excess makeup, etc which can affect lash retention. If your lashes are dirty in an appointment, your tech may need to give them a clean which will reduce your valuable lash application time.

5. Your lash extensions are too heavy.

Are you addicted to those beautiful long and full lash extensions? We get it, but sometimes your natural lashes can't support these types of sets. If your extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes it can cause the natural lash to droop, weakening them and creating possible fall out. This commonly happens with mega volume sets where sizes and volumes are requested that are too much for a single natural lash. If your natural lashes get pulled out by extensions this results in less natural lashes to apply to at future appointments. If you like the long/heavy lash sets, ensure you only have them for a small period. Extensions shouldn’t be more than 0.4 longer than your natural lash and ideally 1-5 lashes in a fan. 

6. Your natural lashes are curly. 

Whilst we can apply lash extensions to naturally curly eyelashes, we do find that the retention time can be a little less than non-curly eyelashes. Lash extensions are bonded to the natural lash and the more contact the natural and synthetic lash have, the better the graft. Curly eyelashes can mean a smaller grafting section, making lash application a little more difficult and retention time smaller. Most lash artists can get around this if the curl is not too crazy but if you are unsure whether your lashes are suitable, discuss with your tech.

So what's the secret to retaining those gorgeous, fluttery lashes for as long as possible?

1. Wash your eyes.
Seems crazy to think that washing your eyes and lashes can help with retention when you might be thinking, "the less I touch them the better". While yes, the less you play with them the better, not cleaning your eyes and lashes creates a breeding ground for bacteria and opens you up to the possibility of eye infections and lash mites. Yes, you heard correctly! Unsure exactly what to use to clean you lashes? Ask your tech for a lash specific cleanser.

2. Use recommended lash sealant.
Your lash sealant is your best friend and vital if you want to maintain the life of your lash extensions. Lash coating sealants create a protective sealing around the glue and synthetic lash extensions to create a barrier against external aggressors and products. It works by creating a layer of protection so that the glue is broken down prematurely, leading to lash fall. Ask your tech which lash sealant they recommend. 

3. Use a lash growth serum.
Longer natural lashes mean a longer grafting section for your eyelash extensions. Lash growth serums are also great for conditioning and moisturising your eyelashes. The better condition your natural eyelashes are in, the better the lash retention! Say no more!

4. Don't forget to book in your refill.

Lash extensions will always need to be refilled after 2-3 weeks due to natural growth and fall out of your natural lashes. Refills prevent out-grown lash extensions from twisting, hurting, or damaging the natural lash that it is attached to. As well as filling in the gaps of the lash extension which have fallen out in the previous lash cycle. 

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