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Lash Growth Serums

The big question that people often ask is, do lash serums actually work? The answer is yes, however there are particular brands that from our experience are better than others. The idea of an eyelash serum is that, with regular use they can make your lashes grow longer and thicker by promoting new growth and fortifying existing lashes.

Lash serums are perfect for people who are taking a break from lash extensions to help repair and strengthen lashes. Lash serums also offer a great alternative for clients who either don't like or can't get eyelash extensions but still want prominent thicker and longer eyelashes.

It is highly recommended to use a lash serum whilst getting any eyelash treatment to keep eyelashes healthy and achieve the best results. When combining a lash serum with extensions, check with your therapist if you are using a serum from another retailer to ensure the lash serum you are using is compatible with extension glue and will not loosen the adhesive on the extensions. 

Lash serums combined with a lash lift are a great option to achieve long, defined, curled lashes and optimise the look and are perfect for the warmer weather for a hassle free made up look without the need for mascara.

There is a lot of talk on the safety of lash serums, particularly as there have been counterfeit products with inferior ingredients in the market. We always recommend picking up a lash serum from your local beauty salon as these have been sourced from a reputable wholesaler and are tested and proven to be safe for use.

It is also important to note that when using a lash serum to always try it first and if you do get a reaction or swelling then to stop use immediately. In some cases if you buy a serum and it feels slightly tingly on the eyelids this can mean it is just very potent and the active ingredients are stimulating the lashes.

So, next time you're thinking about whether or not you should invest in a lash serum, consider what you’ve read and how long healthy thick lashes never go out of style and give a lash serum a try!

Complete Skin & Beauty salons stock a variety of lash serums based on the products our therapists know and love. 

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