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I'm allergic to lash glue... why can't I have lashes too?

Good news is…. YOU CAN! There are so many other alternatives we can offer if you are allergic to lash adhesive or if you have sensitive eyes. As amazing as eyelash extensions are, they are not suitable for everyone.


Lash tinting is a great natural alternative, all that is involved is we apply some protection pads under the eyes and apply a tint to enhance your natural lashes. This just darkens your natural lashes without adding curl or length, a super low maintenance way to still have the lashes you’ve dreamt of without applying mascara. Total treatment time only taking 20minutes, so great for our time poor clients.

How often can I have a Lash tint?

You can come as soon as 2-4 weeks for a lash tint, we usually recommend keeping your tint up as this will help the colour last longer. The tint will eventually just fade so your lashes will return to their natural colour.

What aftercare do I need for a lash tint?

Even better, there is no after care or special instructions to maintain the look of your newly tinted lashes making them the ultimate low maintenance way to enhance the eyes and perfect for holidays and summer's spent by the pool.


Lash lifting is our other solution. Lash lifts  creates curl and drama to your natural lashes by enhancing your natural lashes beauty.

What is involved in a Lash tint?

The total treatment time for a lash lift is 50minutes.

  • First we clean your eye area.
  • Then we consult with you about what look you would like to achieve.
  • Then we apply lash pads to stop your bottom lashes from wanting to join in with the lift.
  • We then apply lash rods to your eyelids.
  • Once we’ve lifted your lashes onto the rods we apply your first solution, this stays on anywhere from 7-10mins depending on your natural lash thickness.
  • We then remove the solution and apply a second solution which sets the curl of the lashes in place. This develops within 5-7mins. 
  • We then remove the lash rods and apply a lash tint. This helps to keep your lashes hydrated as well as giving a beautiful depth to the lash lift.
  • We then remove the lash tint with some warm water and then you are ready with beautiful curled tinted lashes.

How often can I come for my lash lift and how long will it last?

Lash lifts last anywhere from 4-6weeks, you can return for your next appt within this time.

What aftercare do I need for a lash tint?

To protect your newly curled lashes, it is important to ensure that you do not get water on your lashes for 24 hours and also avoid steam on your lashes for 24 hours.

How to prep for your appointment?

Please come to your appt with no mascara on. Having mascara on can affect the results of the lash lift and tint as we need to allow enough time for complete removal prior to your appt commencing.

So, if you are like many others out there,  and you suffer from sensitive eyes or have struggled with eyelash extension glue in the past, there are other options you can explore to achieve bold dramatic eye lashes.

Call your local salon, or speak to your therapist next time you are in salon to find out more.

Elise has been in the beauty industry for 10yrs.  She is a passionate brow tattoo artist and loves educating clients on their skin.The best part about her job is she loves seeing clients confidence grow after visiting the salon. In her free time she teaches karate and loves to spend time with her family.  

Elise M
Senior Beauty Therapist

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