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The Art of Lash Extending

The art of lash extending has been around since the beginning of make-up. From special ointment formulas created by ancient Egyptians to help grow strong, luminous lashes, to the early 1900’s with invention of the first ever set of strip lashes. Finally evolving into the semi-permanent lash extensions we know today.

There is much to know about the lash extending industry, so if you’re new to the lash chain, read on and learn all the tips, tricks and facts about this ever growing, fabulous trend.

What is it?

Eyelash extensions appear the same way strip lashes do, however the look is  a little more authentic. Lash extending is a treatment, mostly used in beauty salons, which involves the glueing of a single fake lash on to one’s real lash. The service comes in many styles, but which one is right for you?

Classic Silk Individuals
Silk lashes are the most natural set of lashes extensions. If you’re on the fence about where to start on your lash journey, silk classics are the way to go. With their subtle yet beautiful nature, they are perfect for someone who is looking for a slight enhancement in their lashes. A stunning set for a bride on her special day.

Pre-made Hybrids
Hybrid lashes create a subtle yet fluffy appearance. With their 3D and 4D effect, they are designed to make a persons lashes appear fuller and darker while still feeling light on the eyes. You may choose to incorporate some Classic Silk Individuals to offer natural volume in the lashes. This style is adored by all and is the most popular set of lashes extensions.

Russian Volume
These lashes are designed to pop and draw attention to the eye. They are thick, very fluffy and have a lot of character. They are a fabulous combination of handmade hybrids lashes. They are handled and made with care by the therapist themselves to ensure a magnificently full and dramatic set of lash extensions.

How long do eyelash extensions last?
Lash extensions will usually last between 2-4 weeks depending on how well you look after them. We suggest refilling your extensions every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full set.

How do I look after my eyelash extensions?
To ensure minimal fall-out within the first couple days, avoid wetting your extensions for at least 24 hours. This will give the adhesive time to fully sink in and stick down the extensions.

Clean lashes are the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your new extensions. By using a soap and alcohol free foaming cleanser a couple times a week you will have no problem in ensuring hygienic lashes.

We offer free consultations for any aspiring lash clients to discuss which lash extension set is right for you. Simply call your local Complete Skin & Beauty salon or speak to your therapist at your next appointment to learn more.

Grace has been a beauty therapist for 4 years, she has a passion for all things lashes. Whilst providing incredible sets of lashes, she is also very dedicated to lash health. When Grace isn't in the clinic she can be found at the beach or with a book in hand. 

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