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Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing to get the perfect brows, can also be referred to as Permanent Make-Up (PMU) Feather Touch, Microblading, Micro Shading, Powder Brows, Ombre Brows and Combination Brows. All these different names will define the style of your preferred look.

Each cosmetic brow procedure implants pigment into the skin using a variety of fine needles to create an illusion of hair stokes, powder look or a combination of both. Depending on your skin type and desired look, your artist will determine the best style for you as not everyone is suited for each style of PMU.


This style of eyebrow PMU manually creates hair stokes, creating an illusion of more hairs sitting naturally within the brow. Depending on your skin type/ lifestyle these hair strokes can last 6 months - 2 years on the skin, this style is not recommended for oily skin types as hair strokes will eventually blend together over time, breaking down the pigment which gives the brows the hair stroke look.

Feather touch by Monica


This style of Permanent Make up creates a soft look which is similar to the brows being filled with makeup or a fresh tint. Helping to define the brows and keep them looking nice and full. This look is quite bold after the initial appointment however this will fade out to a soft powdered look once healed.

This style will last longer than the hair stroke method, because the pigment fills in the brow rather than the natural hair strokes and the pigment throughout time doesn't lose its shape. Depending on lifestyle factors and how fresh you want the pigment to look, will determine how frequently you come back for touch ups as the pigment will still fade naturally with the skin cell turnover cycle.

Microshading by Monica


This style of PMU is a combination of both styles together. Creating natural hair strokes towards the start of the brow and more of a defined, filled look in the middle and tails of the brows.


Combination brows by Monica

Each style of eyebrow permanent make up requires a 2 step process. Your first initial appointment determines the color, thickness and shape of the brows that you want and are best suited to you. Your artist will usually recommend staying as close to your natural brow shape to make it easier for you to maintain long term. You will be required to come back 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment for your ‘touch up’, this is because the skin and pigment retention may or may not be healed evenly throughout the brow, or once you have trialled your new brows you may want to go a little darker than the initial application. This is why it is always recommended to come back for your touch up to make sure you are 100% happy with the outcome of your brows.


There are a few things needed to do, to look after your new brows post treatment and a few things to stay clear from pre treatment. Failure to do the pre and post care can affect the retention and the results of your newly defined PMU brows. Your artist will go through all this with you during consultation and remind you again once the procedure is done to ensure you get the most out of the treatment and the best retention possible.

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Monica is passionate about skin and is a highly skilled cosmetic brow tattoo technician. When Monica is not in the salon, she loves spending time out in the sun, being around her family and friends and having a great time.  

Monica D
Assistant Manager
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