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What to do about pigmentation?

As a Dermal Therapist, one of the number one skin concerns I see in clinic is unwanted pigmentary disorders, particularly Hyperpigmentation present on the skin. Throughout this article, the pathway of how Pigment is created in the skin will be discussed and recommendations made for the treatment and management of these conditions in the form of appropriate in clinic treatment options and at home cosmeceutical skin care use.

How is Pigmentation created in the skin?

Pigmentation is created in the skin when the Melanocyte cell that is located in the Epidermis layer (the upper layer of our skin) is stimulated and then produces a substance called melanin (pigment). This is a normal process and is how our skin and hair colour are genetically determined, however, when the melanocyte cell is over stimulated excessive amounts of melanin is produced that can lead to the development of unwanted pigmentary conditions. This can occur from external factors, such as large amounts of UV exposure, medications and some internal factors, such as hormonal imbalances. This excessive amount of melanin can present itself on the skin surface and be seen as various different uneven and darkened patches or lesions on the skin.

How can pigmentary skin disorders be treated?

Pigmentary skin disorders can be treated and managed in clinic with the use of various different modalities and treatment options, such as IPL, Chemical Peels, Cosmelan and appropriate cosmeceutical skincare use at home. These options help to breakdown and slowly remove the unwanted pigmentation from the skin surface, whilst stopping the pathway of excessive stimulation of the melanocyte cell which can prevent the production of future melanin leading to unwanted pigmentation on the skin.

What treatment options are offered at Complete Skin & Beauty?

O Cosmetics Bio-White Chemical Peel –

This vitamin infused peel is suitable for clients who are concerned with stubborn pigmentation, as the unique blend of biomimetic peptides help to provide optimal brightening and lightening effects to the skin. Bio White carefully removes surface pigmentation, evens tone and complexion, whilst helping to prevent the formation of further pigmentation in the skin. With high levels of concentrated Vitamin C, antioxidants, natural fruit enzymes and Niacinamide, this power house peel also helps to fight against the physical signs of ageing, photo damage, and sun spots and provides a needed hydration boost to the skin.


IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and is an in clinic light based treatment that can successfully aid in the treatment and removal of surface pigmentation. Utilising either a 530nm or 560nm wavelength, light is pulsed into the skin which specially targets the melanin whilst avoiding surrounding skin tissue, causing a thermal response that shatters the pigment which will then be removed through the skins natural desquamation (exfoliation) method. Surface pigmentation will appear darker after treatment, before sloughing off naturally and revealing new clearer and brighter skin.

Cosmelan –

Cosmelan is a targeted depigmentation treatment that corrects hyperpigmentation while inhibiting the development of new dark spots effective for all skin phototypes. Achieving up to 95% reduction in pigmentation, the Cosmelan de-pigmentation program is comprised of an in-clinic treatment, followed by 6 months of a dedicated home care application.  The two-fold approach comprehensively regulates the source of pigmentation and targets the existing melanin formed.

O Cosmetics Mineral Pro SPF 30+ Sunscreen – 

Daily sunscreen use is one of the most important treatment options when dealing with pigmentary skin concerns. Excessive UV exposure can result in over stimulation of the Melanocyte cell increasing the amount of melanin being produced. With 20% natural zinc oxide, O Cosmetics Mineral Pro SPF 30+ Sunscreen provides true broad-spectrum protection that aids in preventing sun damage and excessive cell stimulation that can lead to many pigmentary disorders.

O Cosmetics Concentrated Brightening Serum –

The O Cosmetics Concentrated Brightening Serum utilises specific active ingredients that aid in the prevention of future pigmentation production. The key ingredient involved in this process is known as, Brighlette a marine based ingredient that has been shown to prevent the development of excessive melanin in the skin. This daily corrective serum can be applied on cleansed skin morning and night, as it utilises powerful botanical exfoliants to brighten skin tone and complexion. O Cosmetics Concentrated Brightening Serum is the perfect complimentary product to use at home post treatment, to maintain and prolong achieved results.

Hopefully this gives some insight into both the cause and options for treating pigmentation. If you want to know more, ask your dermal therapist. We are here to educate and guide you through your skin's journey.

Rhylee has been in the beauty industry and advanced skin industry for the past 3 years now. After completing her Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) she has gone onto studying her Bachelor Degree of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics).  She joins the Bendigo clinic with a wealth of knowledge, specifically in skin conditions, cosmeceutical skincare and advanced skin treatments. When she’s not in the clinic, Rhylee enjoys baking, Pilates and spending time with friends and family. 

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