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I have been using the Antibacterial wash in the shower for years. I first picked up a bottle after getting a back wax to impress my then girlfriend (now wife) upon the recommendation of the beauty therapist because I wanted to ensure my back which was feeling quite red and angry at the time would calm down and look smooth and hair free. Since that first wax the lemongrass scented antibacterial gel has been a staple in my bathroom, mainly because during that time we became salon owners and learnt the benefits of using something paraben free that wouldn’t strip the skin and provided protection against infection.

After using Antibac as a hand and body wash, I was chatting to someone only to discover that they had been using it for shaving their face. Of course, it made perfect sense and I gave it a try. Well, what a change it has made in only a week.  No more shave rash, no more breakouts, and it generally is keeping my skin clean. I have been using various lather shaving creams for years but suffer from irritated skin and shaving rash and always need to use a post shave balm to try to clalm and sooth my skin which is why I was keen to try out the Antibac wash as an alternative. 

It applies more like a shave balm or oil rather than a lather, but you can still get a little foam if you mix with a bit of water.  The blades from the razor just glide over the skin like any other shave gel but the biggest change – no shave rash! Plus the antibacterial properties in the gel means no leftover bacterial residue to clog the pores.  How good would this have been in my teenage years shaving with problematic teenage skin.

A little pump goes a long way whether you are in the shower or shaving your face.

What took me so long to think of this?  Don’t know, but I’m glad I discovered it. Get your fathers, partners, and sons onto this and find out first hand how universal and easy to use the antibac cleansing gel is.

Simon has been a salon owner for the last eight years and can often be found in salon on the front desk greeting clients or answering the phone. With a strong head for business after being an accountant for 20 years, Simon loves the challenge of running his own businesses, supporting the team and getting the best for his clients.

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Salon Owner
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