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Vitamin A is A OK!

 I do not know where my skin would be without Vitamin A….. Now I get this is a very bold statement coming from someone in there early 20’s but to be completely honest with you, it is the step in my homecare that I feel gives me the most results.

From working with one Vitamin A serum in clinic to now having 4-5 products with Vitamin A in it, Vitamin A Chemical Peels and Vitamin A Mesotherapy Ampule infusions for skin needling, I feel its only time to give some insight on why I rave so much about it.

Vitamin A is the number one Anti-ageing ingredient, it is a versatile antioxidant and an incredible healer for the skin. The founder of O Cosmedics Maria refers to Vitamin A as the ‘conductor of the skin orchestra’. O Cosmedics has three types of Vitamin A in their range, each product having a different result on the skin. Complete Skin and Beauty also stock a Catalyst Retinol 2% Peel which speaks for itself (can highly recommend). Lastly our Vitamin A Mesotherapy Ampules are a powerful serum that we skin needle into the skin. Tell me you aren’t convinced on Vitamin A? If not let me go into a bit more detail for you on the types of Vitamin A and where you will find specific ingredients.

First and foremost we have Retinyl Palmitate, this powerful but incredibly gentle Vitamin A is to Protect and Prevent. It is packed full of antioxidants and should be incorporated into almost if not all skin journeys. We recommend using this type of Vitamin A in the morning allowing for a stronger correcting Vitamin A at night time. In our much-loved range of O Cosmedics you will find this Vitamin A in the Pure Age Defiance Serum.

Coming in second we have Retinoic Ester, this break down of Vitamin A is to Regulate, Stimulate, Protect and Prevent. This Vitamin A is a great choice for someone wanting to keep their skin looking youthful, it’s is also a fantastic option for a more sensitive or compromised skin. This Vitamin A is a step up from the Palmitate but without any reaction or aggression. This Vitamin A is found in the O Cosmeidcs Retinoic Oil, think of it like the “Go to Oil” in your homecare.

Last and most importantly we have Retinol. Vitamin A Retinol does all the above with the added bonus of resurfacing our skin. It is the queen of all A's in the beauty world and is the go to product when someone needs to correct certain skin concerns. Retinol is used to speed up the cell turnover giving you the effect of healthy beautiful new cells on the surface. It also has the ability to stimulate cells deeper down. O Cosmedics stocks a 0.5% and 1% giving you the ability to build your tolerance slowly.

Take your time working out what is right for your skin type and enjoy the journey. Vitamin A will certainly assist in your skin journey no matter your age or what path you are on!

Annie has been working in the Ashgrove clinic since she first started in the industry recently becoming Salon Manager. With her warm and friendly nature, she always ensures her team and clients are well looked after. When she is not in the salon, Annie loves spending time with friends.

Annie P
Salon Manager

Complete Skin & Beauty Ashgrove

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Meaghan Soncin wrote:
12 Aug '21 12:02pm
Once again Michaela was so friendly and professional ...she suggested I purchase the Vitamin A Retinal serum which I look forward to trying next week. I will be back in Spring! Kind regards, Meaghan