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Cosmelan - A Client Experience 

What can you expect from the first 10 days after your Cosmelan treatment?

Cosmelan is a professional only, in-clinic, cosmeceutical treatment.  It comes in two parts, firstly a chemical face peel mask treatment applied in clinic.  Part two is your home care regime (the starting home care product pack is included in the professional treatment price) which you must follow for 6 months after your professional treatment.

Cosmelan treats several skin conditions, most common of which is pigmentation, including Melasma.  Melasma is a difficult type of pigmentation to treat usually, so this is a game changer for skin clinicians. Cosmelan is effective against all types of spots of melanin origin (including solar and senile lentigo, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, freckles, and melasma). It is also anti-ageing due to its resurfacing ingredients.  It is effective on all types of skin and ethnicities.

Day of treatment: -

At the salon, your Complete Skin and Beauty therapist or nurse will conduct a thorough consultation.  Your trained skin therapist will assess your skin and explain the treatment and aftercare regime.  The consultation will take 20-30 Minutes.  Should you decide to go ahead with the treatment, your skin will be cleansed and then the Cosmelan depigmenting mask will be applied. The de-pigmentation treatment will stay on your skin for 8-12 hours as directed by your skin clinician.  I was provided with my home skincare pack and instructions on how and when to use.

When the mask was first applied to my skin, it did not feel like much. As the day went on, it felt tingly but comfortable.  My biggest issue was doing kindy and school pick up with the mask still on my face, there was some funny looks from the little people.

I took the mask off in the evening, my skin felt a little tight, but the Melan Recovery Repair Balm sorted that.


Day 1 post treatment: -

I woke up with redness, heat, and discomfort. My skin was stinging while cleansing with Hydramilk Cleanser from my homecare pack, I then applied my Melan Recovery balm and Melan 130+ Pigment control SPF 50+.  My skin was feeling itchy throughout the day and before I did school pickup I cleansed and reapplied the recovery balm and SPF.  The SPF is tinted so helped with the redness of my skin.

In the evening, my skin was sore and very swollen, I took a telfast to help and be able to get to sleep, I also used the soothing mask included in the homecare pack, which stung for a few minutes and then calmed down.

Day 2 post treatment: -

I woke up swollen, especially around my nose and mouth.  My skin was hot and tight.  I could see it was going to peel.  My skin was very stingy with my morning skin care routine (Cleanse, Balm & SPF) that my skin therapist had recommended.

School pickup time and my skin had started to peel.  I reapplied my Melan 130+ pigment control SPF to help with the redness and to prevent scaring the children.

My night routine caused my skin to sting while using the products, not enough to need pain medication though.

Day 3 post treatment: -

My skin was still red, and skin was shedding a lot around my nose and mouth (see picture).  I felt the heat had reduced in my skin, but it felt tight and dry.  I felt the aftercare products were vital.

Day 4 post treatment: -

My skin began to shed in sheets and felt hot and flushed.  I was sore around my nose.  I did my cleanse, balm, SPF routine before afternoon school pick up to get rid of some of the excess shedding which really helped the appearance.

Day 5 post treatment: -

I really wanted to apply makeup but decided against it, my skin was peeling a lot and I found myself explaining to all the clients I was seeing that day about the Cosmelan treatment and why my skin looked the way it did.

My skin was not as sore today.

Day 6 post treatment: -

The swelling was well down, still lots of flaking and peeling.  I could see my pigmentation spots peeling away before my eyes and it started to feel worth the discomfort.

Day 7 post treatment: -

My skin was starting to recover with still some flaking.  Overall, most of the redness had reduced.  My skin was still sensitive and tight.

Day 8-10 post treatment: -

My skin was recovering well, still peeling and stinging when using my home skincare pack but not sore.

I am happy with the results achieved so far and I now move to the second stage of the home skincare regime which involves applying Cosmelan 2 and Hydra Vital Factor K daily.

I hope you have found my experience helpful in what to expect for this professional depigmentation treatment.

If you have any questions, or want to find out more be sure to contact your local salon to understand if Cosmelan is the right treatment for you.

Breige has been in the beauty industry for over 10 yrs and is one of the owners of the Albany Creek Salon. She is a passionate dermal technician and loves educating clients on their skin. What she most enjoys about her job is seeing clients confidence grow after visiting the salon. When not in the salon Breige loves spending time with family and her three goregous children.

Briege D
Salon Owner & Senior Beauty Therapist

Complete Skin & Beauty Albany Creek

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