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Skin Needling

The infamous Kim Kardashian started the exposure on vampire facials a few years back where she posted a photo with her whole face covered in blood during a vampire facial but what is skin needling and what is a vampire facial? What does it really do? Is it beneficial for the skin or is it just the latest fad because a Kardashian gets it done? The answer is skin needling is extremely beneficial for the skin and this results-driven treatment will be around long after the Kadashian’s.

Skin needling alone has so many advantages for the skin, these benefits are because little micro needles are penetrated into the skin to cause ‘trauma’ which creates a wound healing response to the skin. The skin reacts to these micro needles by increasing the blood circulation, providing oxygen and nutrients to the cells and promoting the growth of collagen and elastin.

Skin needling (also referred to as micro needing) is considered an advanced results driven treatment because the wound healing response helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, target photo ageing skin, reduce the effects of scarring, dehydration, enlarged pores, uneven and irregular skin texture and so much more. Micro needling treatments are also not limited to the face and skin needling can be used in other areas such as the scalp to help increase the hair growth and thickness as well as any other parts of the body to target and treat scarring, stretch marks and uneven skin texture.

Everyone wants a quick fix with their skin and want to see immediate results, but due to the nature of this treatment, the best skin transformations are achieved with a course of micro needling treatments and patience is required to get the results we want. We need to trust the process. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it requires time to heal and repair itself, if it is rushed, the results can be compromised.

Complementing your micro needling treatment, is mesotherapy, which involves infusing into the skin a cocktail of active ingredients in professional prepared solutions designed to target specific concerns infused into the skin through the skin needling procedure.

Mesotherapy can offer a great opportunity for clients currently on a journey of skin needling treatments to take their results to the next level.

A vampire facial helps to speed up the healing process to achieve faster results. With this, we use your own nutrients, enzymes and protein drawn from your own blood, which stimulates the natural skin cell functions to deliver maximum results for your skin.

Any form of micro needling, whether stand alone, with a mesotherapy cocktail or the infusion of plasma is amazing and extremely beneficial for the skin, helping promote cellular turnover, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, dehydration, enlarged pores, uneven and irregular skin texture, and we can’t forget about the hair and body treatments too!

If you would like to know more about this treatment, and what would be suitable for your skin and concerns come see us at one of our Complete Skin and Beauty Salons and we are more than happy to answer questions, discuss and guide you on what would be best for your skins needs.

Monica is passionate about skin and is a highly skilled cosmetic brow tattoo technician. When Monica is not in the salon, she loves spending time out in the sun,, being around her family and friends and having a great time.  

Monica D
Senior Beauty Therapist
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