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Rethinking your ink?

If you have a tattoo regret or wish to clear some skin so you can update with a new design, laser tattoo removal is for you.  

How does it work?

Laser Tattoo Removal will safely eliminate or fade any unwanted tattoo’s by rapidly delivering a laser beam through the skin to absorb into the ink. The laser is attracted to the ink and shatters it into very fine particles.  Your body will then start to break down these particles to dispose of through your lymphatic drainage system.

At Complete Skin and Beauty our laser ‘Nd YAG’ works best on black and red ink. We are able to achieve a complete tattoo removal of all black and red ink, and fade other coloured inks. 

How many treatments do I need? 

To help determine your treatment plan we work off a specific scale to recommend the approximate number of treatments required to reach your desired result.

This number will be less if you have plans to cover up  with fresh ink once the original has faded. The average recommendations range from 4 - 15 treatments, but be aware you may need more or less depending on several factors such as; your skin type, the location of the tattoo, plus the amount of ink and the colours in your tattoo which will all impact how many treatments you will need.

Everyone’s body will break down the particles at a different rate which will also effect the time in between treatments as well as the amount of treatments needed.  Six weeks is the earliest you can return for another laser removal session, however we may need you to wait longer in-between. 

Occasionally, a client may be achieving great fading after the first few treatments, but to encourage more fading it is recommended to space out subsequent treatments, as this will give your body more time to break down those ink particles.  As an example; if a client who has had 6 treatments every 6 weeks with great fading, but the healing is taking longer as we have increased the setting we are treating on.  In this instance, we now need more time in-between sessions to heal properly, which also gives the body time to continue fading and may mean bigger differences and better results by the next treatment. 

What can I expect in a treatment?

I am not going to lie, laser tattoo removal isn't the most comfortable treatment, but then again, neither is getting one in the first place.   Some people will say it's not painful and some will say it is. It really depends on the location of the tattoo and a person's pain tolerance. Where there is more muscle and tissue it generally hurts a little less than bonier areas. The sensation can be described as a really hot rubber band constantly flicking the skin.  Anaesthetic creams can be used on the skin prior if needed. 

Common and normal responses after the treatment include; pin point bleeding, bruising and swelling.  Blistering may occur which is fine, however if the blisters are picked or bumped too early it can result in scarring.  It is vital you look after your skin if it blisters and take good care to avoid scarring.  Making sure the tattoo is covered until the blisters heal naturally is very important.  Occasionally, as your tattoo is healing it may get a little dry, flaky or itchy, it is best to keep applying antiseptic bepanthen to insure the skin is hydrated and healing.

Drinking plenty of water helps with flushing toxin’s through the body so we always encourage lots of water intake after the treatment.  You want to avoid saunas, swimming, exercise and excessive heat for up to a 1 week.  After this time period you can assist the fading of your tattoo by dry body brushing daily, having massages, exercising and drinking plenty of water.  All these things will help to detox your body and therefore assist with the fading of your tattoo. 

Laser Tattoo Removal is a specialised treatment that is only available in select Complete Skin & Beauty Salons.

Rheanna has been a beauty therapist for over 5 years, she has as a passion for advanced treatments and a wide range of knowledge on all thing beauty and skin related. Rheanna has been managing the Springfield Central salon since 2018 and is a very proud member of her team. When she's not at work she's at home spending time with family. 

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