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The Power of LED Light Therapy

What is LED? 

LED stands for light emitting diode, LED energy is non thermal light energy and is part of the visual light spectrum. In terms of treatments, LED light treatments will penetrate (using different wavelengths) into the skin and depending on the light used will re-energise the skin cell without any downtime, pain or cell damage. 

About 30 years ago the magic of light was harnessed by the skincare industry in Europe. After NASA and the Department of Defence discovered that it could regenerate and support the growth of seedlings into plants in space. This discovery which was some 50 years ago was the insight into LED and the power it can yield over living things. 

LED when delivered correctly, feed the cells with energy. The cells can then convert this energy into food or into materials that are able to influence communications. This equates to enhanced cell functions, cellular communication, metabolic boost and of course the production of proteins and enzymes that are required to build and repair certain cell functions and by extension, skin as a tissue.

What colours are used in LED?

In our treatment rooms at Complete Skin & beauty, we primarily use the two main colours which are Red light and Blue light.

Red Light therapy is most commonly used for its anti-ageing properties that it can deliver into the skin and tissues. In a more sciencey term Red light converts sugars into ATP (ATP, which is short for Adenosine Triphosphate, is a coenzyme that is used to carry energy within the cells of the body. It is how energy is moved around the skin), this is cellular currency that our skin cells need to be able to undertake metabolic activity which means it boosts our skin cells metabolism and in turn will stimulate energy that is required for cell proliferation and cellular growth. 

Red Light therapy is best for

  • Increasing collagen production
  • Protecting skin cells from damage
  • Improving facial texture
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Reducing wrinkle severity

Blue Light therapy combines anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action and is an effective treatment in treating acne vulgaris of mild to moderate severity. Bacteria is sensitive to light and visible blue light at a high intensity is proven to kill acne causing bacteria that can live on your skin. Blue light also has anti-inflammatory effects and can not only kill bacteria but also calm and soothe any inflamed areas in the skin (dermatitis, psoriasis) as well as decreasing the risk of scarring. 


Multiple studies have also been proven to boost your body's production of the hormone Serotonin also known as the happy hormone (an added bonus!)

LED light therapy is a pain free, heat free treatment that can be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with most of the facials we offer.  

When doing LED light therapy sessions, we generally recommend up to 10 LED sessions (one per week) to get full benefits or added on to any professional skin treatment we offer at Complete Skin & Beauty. 

LED therapy is a true lunch break treatment as it can be completed during a work break or at the end of your work day without causing any disruption to your schedule as it is pain free/ no downtime treatment and make-up can be applied straight after. Call your local salon or book online to, lie down, relax and let the power of Light Therapy support and improve your skin health.

Jayedyn has been a beauty therapist for 6 years.  Jayedyn has a huge passion for skin and skin knowledge, and loves to educate her clients and team members. She is also a fully qualified Cosmetic Tattooist for Eyebrow and Lips.  When she is not at work she is relaxing at home with her 2 fur babies or hanging out with friends and seeking further education in everything beauty.

Jayedyn R
Senior Therapist
Complete Skin & Beauty Albany Creek

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