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The product in everyone’s beauty cupboard that could be stripping your spray tan

At some point in our life we’ve all purchased a product purely based on the pretty packaging, the miracle benefits the product promises us , because it smells phenomenal or because a celebrity A lister uses it.   So it must be magical.

SPOILER: just because a celebrity uses it, it smells delicious, or it cost a small fortune DOES NOT mean it is the best product for you or your skin!

But that is a blog post for another day, let me get to my point.

If you have had a spray tan before your therapist would have said to you “moisturise every day, morning and night, for the best results” And you’ve gone home and done just that. But after 3 or 4 days you start to notice the dreaded patches appear on the inside of your elbows, under your armpits and on your neck, even after following the correct advice from your therapist. Which probably leaves you wondering “what the heck!”

Well, what your therapist should have explained is that many body lotions contain alcohol, which can be very drying and irritating for your skin, resulting in stripping your tan.

How can you tell which moisturisers are “tan safe”?

Avoid ingredients such as, ethanol, alcohol denat. or isopropyl alcohol.  

An easier option is to opt for a water based moisturiser, water or aqua will be the first named ingredient on the ingredients list. Alcohol based moisturisers are generally lighter and leave a residue on your skin, it almost feels like it just sits on top of the skin rather than sinking in, where as water based will penetrate your skin and leave it feeling instantly nourished.

Make sure you go and check out your moisturisers before your next spray tan appointment and watch your spray tan last 7-10 days.  If you’re still unsure, take a picture of the ingredients list and bring it along to your next appointment and one of our therapists will be able to assist you with her professional advice.

Complete Skin & Beauty stock a range of water based body moisturisers and tan extenders in clinic to help assure you get the best outcome for your spray tan.

Tara has been a beauty therapist for 8 years, specialising in advanced skin treatments.  She has an amazing passion for skin and helping her clients achieve their ultimate skin goals.  When she is not creating social media content for CSB, she is running around after her beautiful daughter and 2 fur babies. 

Tara Murphy
Beauty Therapist & Marketing Manager
Complete Skin & Beauty Mango Hill

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