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How to Achieve the Perfect Spray Tan

Everyone is eager to keep that summer glow no matter the time of year. Fortunately, you can achieve this with spray tanning. It’s safe and you can get that perfect glow in a matter of minutes. 

Spray tanning products have Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is an ingredient that interacts with your skin to give you the perfect tan that you desire without being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the Sun. DHA is approved by the FDA for sunless tanning, and is derived from plant sources such as sugar cane. 

Every day millions of dead skin cells are sloughed off or worn away from the surface of the skin. This is why spray tans will gradually fade; and as the dead cells are worn away, so is your tan.

The artificial tan immediately appears on the skin surface after being sprayed and will continue to darken over 24 hours depending on the formulation. Once the darkening effect has occurred, the tan becomes waterproof and will not wash away with soap or water. It will fade gradually over 5 to 10 days, in conjunction with the skins normal exfoliation process. Exfoliation, prolonged water submersion, or heavy perspiration can prematurely lighten the tan. 

So, how do you achieve the perfect spray tan? 

Preparation is key and the following steps should be taken for a flawless, even and streak-free glow. 

  • If you’re going to wax or shave, do so at least 12 hours before you tan.
  • Exfoliate and rub-off excess, dead skin cells.
  • Avoid moisturiser - These can act as barriers and cause an uneven result.    
  • Avoid wearing makeup, perfume or deodorant.
  • On the day of your tan, wear loose-fitting, dark, cotton clothing. Avoid silk, refrain from wearing close-toed shoes and socks, tight restrictive pants, tops, and bras.

You need to give the tan time to develop. Rule #1 – avoid getting wet for 2-4 hours (whatever your beauty therapist recommends), whether it be exercising, sweating, showering, swimming or standing in the rain. Timing is the key to ensure that the tan isn’t streaky or uneven as it develops.

Once you’ve given your tan enough time to set in, rinse in warm water. Do not scrub or use super-hot water, and pat your skin dry with your towel. After your shower, don’t forget to moisturise - The more natural ingredients, the better! It’s important to keep your skin hydrated to make your tan last longer and fade evenly.

Tip: Avoid using Coconut Oil as a moisturiser. Why? This concentrate can strip the tan rather than hydrate because of the oils.  

Daily soaps and washes will also affect the longevity of a spray tan. It is best to use water-based, oil-free products. Soaps and washes with harsh ingredients and a large number of sulphates will slowly strip the tan diminishing its lifespan. 

Other helpful maintenance tips: 

Activities that may cause excessive sweating such as gym, yoga, running or just excess time in the sun can cause friction which will remove a tan. Even tight fitting clothes and bra straps. 

Chlorine and salt water are abrasive and act as exfoliators, so it’s best to minimise exposure to these chemicals. If you’re on holidays, just know that your tan may not last the duration of the promised time. 

Forms of exfoliation such as scrubs, chemical peels, and shaving will also remove a tan. 

One question we get asked all the time is, can you spray tan while pregnant? The answer is yes! Expecting mothers should have no problem spray tanning. 

What about breastfeeding? The bronzer is transferable during development, which means you should avoid breastfeeding during the development period. Ideally, it is best that you wear a bra or bikini top during your tan. This way the nipple is not exposed allowing for your baby to feed.

The Complete Skin & Beauty Spray Tan

Here at Complete Skin & Beauty, the most popular tan we use is Hydr8tan 2 hour tans. Unlike most rapid tans, ours ensures the skin is left hydrated and dryness is minimised by including Organic Aloe Vera Powder, Glycerin and Vitamin E within the rapid formulation.

Hydr8tans are green based and are made from organic and natural ingredients which leaves the skin feeling nourished, tightened and hydrated whilst being gorgeously tanned. 

Available in two formulas:

Dark - 12% DHA

Ultra Dark - 15% DHA

If you are a regular tanner, you can save money by purchasing a package. Buy 5 tans and get your 6th free! Tan extenders and exfoliation mitts are also available to ensure a longer lasting tan.

To find out more about other tans we use visit our tanning page.

Book your tan now at your closest Complete Skin & Beauty Salon for only $39!

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